ARM Data Quality Web Services

The ARMDQR web service is a world accessible mechanism to query the DQR database. The service will return a list of time blocks (start/end time pairs) that delineate when a user should not use or should be suspicious of ARM data. Read the DQR Web Service User Guide for help with integrating this service with your data processing code. See the 2015 Science Team Meeting Poster for an overview.

Mandatory Parameters

  • datastream - Name of the ARM datastream, for example: nsamfrsrC2.b1
  • varname - Name of the variable (or field) as defined in the netCDF datastream. For example: direct_horizontal_broadband

Optional Parameters

  • dqrfields - DQR fields that will be returned in the response. Valid values are: dqrid,starttime,endtime,metric,subject. The response will be provided in the same order. Default response will contain starttime and endtime,starttime,endtime,metric,subject
  • timeformat - Used to specify how time is specified as an input parameter and also how time will be returned in a response. Valid values are: YYYYMMDD.hhmmss or armtime, armtime is seconds since 1970-01-01 (as used in data files). YYYYMMDD.hhmmss is date-time as used in filenames. YYYY is four digit year, MM is 2 digit month, DD is 2 digit day, hh is 2 digit hour, mm is 2 digit minute, ss is 2 digit seconds.,starttime,endtime,metric,subject&timeformat=YYYYMMDD.hhmmss
  • searchmetric -Used to limit the type of DQR to be returned. One or more metric types may be specified. The default is to return only DQRs of type incorrect. Valid values are: missing, suspect, incorrect (multiple values  separated by comma),starttime,endtime,metric,subject&timeformat=yyyymmdd.hhmmss&searchmetric=incorrect,suspect

Machine Readable Delimited Data Response

D070813.1|20070601.000000|20070831.235900|suspect|NSA/MFRSR/C2 - Instrument shading problem
D050811.4|20050808.050000|20050810.210000|suspect|NSA/MFRSR/C2 - Intermittent data
D090302.2|20090204.203000|20090302.220200|incorrect|NSA/MFRSR/C2 - Shadowband misalignment
  • Same query, but changing timeformat to armtime (seconds since 1970) and only asking for starttime, endtime:,endtime&timeformat=armtime&searchmetric=incorrect,suspect